RENT BOYS CLUB TEMPLE Formerly: Pinocchio

75% love it
Prague popular hustler bar
Renamed and revamped, the former Pinocchio's appears to have risen a notch in the sophistication stakes, if only up from a low level to start with. Temple is inhabited almost exclusively by rent boys and their older customers. Despite the refurbishment this place is considerably less plush than its rival Escape but nevertheless continues to be popular.


    • xavibarmor
      xavibarmor Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Don't loose your time if you don't wanna a
      Ugly and dark bar, the guys looks very skinny, don't dance and the shows are very regular, and the costumers are around 60 years old

    • Chuecakid
      Chuecakid Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Worth the effort
      OKay, it is scary at first beacuse the neighborhood is dark but it is easy to get there on Tram 15 o 9 from the city center, about 10 minutes. You can see it on your right hand side as soon as you go under the train underpass headed toward Prague 3 district. We were staying in Prague 3 district so it was just down the street. Pragues is a very safe city. A lots of goodlooking "check" boys waiting to be cashed in. Not the Pavel Novatny types, but your average Czech guy from next door. The main bar is located on the corner downstairs and the smaller afternoon bar on the street level where many younger guys 16+ hang out in the afternoons. Sixteen is the legal limit for drinking beer. Great place for afternoon happy hour 4-6pm.