70% love it
Biggest sauna in the country - be careful or you will get lost
Prague's newest and largest gay sauna includes a bar with large variety of drinks and beverages, video room, dark room, glory holes, a sex shop, Finnish sauna, Bio sauna, relaxation cubicles, a jacuzzi with high performance massage jets, a large Turkish steam room labyrinth with aroma therapy and a steam room with aroma therapy and sea salt saturated steam.


    • TravelDetails
      TravelDetails Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best to go on a theme night. Went "naked nite" where a wash cloth 20 by 20 cm square substitutes for the customary bath towel and encountered a fun crowd. First floor is the wet area (sauna, hot tub, steam room, etc) plus a bar. The upper floors consisted of multiple booths and very small rooms to mingle. Has a video room with tiered seating. Went another night with no theme and the place was scarcely populated.

    • Davidouvidou
      Davidouvidou Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nous y sommes allé le jeudi veille de Pâques à 19h. 25 personnes environ, des jeunes et dady. Sauna propre et très fonctionnel. Sur 3 étages avec labyrinthe, même dans l'un des hamams il y a un mini labyrinthe ( sympa pour s'amuser ). 2 saunas cote à cote un grand jaccuzi au centre de la pièce. Comptez 350kz par personne

    • Runnerboy
      Runnerboy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Since Gaycities won't allow me to type anything negative on here, even though it was my experience, I'll just say this: Don't waste your time unless you enjoy getting yelled at by the staff.

    • edruska
      edruska Over a year ago
      Loves it

      world class
      This sauna is beautiful, clean, one of the best i have seen around Europe and even in the usa. Unfortunately, saunas are not very busy in Prague, because they might be expensive for the locals. Check out the event nights. Cheaper before 4pm during the week. If you want a relaxing day during your travel, this is the place to visit.

    • mike.tempest1
      mike.tempest1 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      «Sauna Labyrint» Prague - A maze full of Warnings
      Didn't have too many expectations before visiting this place. I've read some reviews online and thought to myself "It can't be that bad!" Truth is : the «Sauna Labyrint» in Prague is even worse! The Labyrint claims to be the biggest sauna in town, but if you are wise enough, you know that bigger isn't always better. The Pros and Cons + spacious wellness area + Clean enough + Mixed ages + Plenty of cabins + Big whirlpool - it says newly renovated but still looks like back in the 80ies/90ies - Nowhere to stretch out your legs and relax after sauna or steam bath - Warning signs and reminders everywhere, some of them ridiculously stupid - Very rude staff especially towards foreigners - It can take some time to get there ( not in town center) - No dressing table, no hair gel nor hair brush, a single hair dryer hooked up on the wall next to a mirror - Very few showers and only the one right next to the locker room providing shower gel - Very dark cabins - Narrow locker room - Terrible bar atmosphere

    • Micha72
      Micha72 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      a mixed bag... but well worth a try
      OK, so I've been going on and off to Labinth for about 4 months now. The very first time was back in April. From my experience the vast majority of the clientele is Czech. Labryinth is larger and feels cleaner than your average sauna. However, if is hit and miss with the clientele. I normally go on either Friday afternoon or Saturday. Have never been to a Wed or Sunday where I hear it's nice and busy so I might try that. The last visit this Saturday was creepy. There were dozens of old, fat men walking around and being overly obvious about their intentions. It really felt like they were stalking you. It was the first time that going upstairs felt uncomfortable. I don't even go into the steam room labrinth anymore. The visit turned out really nice, however, as I had a hook up with Hands down the cutest guy there. Great massage :-)

    • perfektdark
      perfektdark Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Awesome Barebackers
      Staff could be friendlier but there are some wicked hot guys here and most are up for bareback. Sleezy and straight to the point.

    • petroni27
      petroni27 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great place for bareback and group sex
      My favourite place in Prague. Lot of young & smooth guys especially in steam bath. Best action and most crowded Wed (Naked party) and Sa/sun (late afternoon). Every time I have a lot of superb fun. And bareback, too.

    • Rude arrogant angry staff, totally empty sauna with old people only, needs renovation badly.
      Horribly rude and arrogant staff at the entrance! I've never met more unfriendly rude and angry old bastard that gives you attitude for no reason the minute you walk in and say hallo. To which he doesn't even responds and barks commands at you. Mind you this is not a BDSM establishment, but a mere sauna for relaxation. Besides the nasty welcome from some frustrated idiot the place is seedy and EMPTY. This filthy little sauna that desperately needs renovation is located away from the centre of Prague in a quite dangerous and abandonned looking dark neighbourhood that looks pretty dangerous after dark. We didn't feel safe returning back in the evening. So I don't reccomend at all. There are far better well kept and managed saunas in Prague!

    • saunatraveller
      saunatraveller Over a year ago
      Hates it

      not reccomendable
      Although the place is quite new, first thing you get when you go in is a terribly rude man who seems to hate customers. Signs on the wall dont show a great attitude either, it is a pitty how it makes you feel in an unpleasant atmosphere. The place is full of fat guys with strange faces, like in a madhouse, I didn´t see one handsome guy, not even a normal one, actually there were not more than 8 guys, the place was quite empty. The price is 13 euros with a rotten towel and no slippers, too expensive for what you get, don´t ever go there

    • horny_ufa
      horny_ufa Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This sauna is pretty big and located not too far from the centre. The dark steam labyrinth itself is nice and exciting. But there's the thing - the guys you can find there are mostly 40 and chubby, I guess from drinking beer too much. But after all, this sauna is definitely best gay spot in town.

    • Maarten11
      Maarten11 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best gay sauna in Prague
      Hello Guys, I was born in Prague and visited lots of gay places here and abroad. I would like to comment the best ones to let you know where it is worth to go. If you like to visit a best gay Sauna in Prague you have only one reasonable option and that is sauna Labyrint. It is biggest and most visited, it is clean and modern. It is the only one, which can be compared to the other best european saunas. - edit 2015- reconstructed sauna Babylonia is in 2015 also very good place. In the Labyrint sauna there are two floors, te upper one is cruising zone with lots of private cabins and one cinema. In the lower floor you can find Bar (only smoking area), yacuzzi, two saunas, one steam cabin and the dark labyrint. That is the darkroom with some steam and few gentle colored lights. The room is real labyrint, not big but though it is fun to explore it and you allways meet some horny dicks there. The best time to visit the sauna is as everywhere the weekend evening time. During the weekI would recommend wednesdays, because of naked party which is usually crowdy. On friday and saturday you can meet some younger guys too.