100% love it
Cruising spot with playrooms and backroom
On the three floors of Factory you will find; a cloakroom, a bar, spacious video rooms, multifunctional playroom, a darkroom, gloryholes, slings, and a sex shop. So much fun in one place!


    • a Chinese slave who enjoy BDSM BLACK SOCKS...
      a Chinese slave who enjoy BDSM BLACK SOCKS... budapest

    • hdo32
      hdo32 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      nice place to have fun or just look around
      I really enjoyed this place, people were very respectful.

    • Horrible drug addicts, arrogant staff, filthy.
      From the rude unfriendly doorman/wardrobe man upstairs, up untill the oblivious, arrogant bartender downstairs this pseudo DIY style "club" was a big dissapointment! Only few old, homless types of people cruising and some of them quite annoying and intrusive, mixed with local drug addicts and male prostitutes. I don't reccomend this horrible dump full of cigarette smoke you can't see your own hand. Avoid!

    • Factoryclub
      Factoryclub Over a year ago
      Loves it

      New cruising club for everyone (like rubber, leather..everyone)!! 400m2 of fun! Entry for 100 CZK, younger than 24 have free entry! Low price for drinks! Playroom, darkrooms, videocabins...!!!