BAR 21

100% love it
Comfortable gay cellar bar
Bar 21 attracts a loyal local crowd. Reasonably priced Gambrinus beer on tap. You might need to ring the doorbell to get in before walking down the alley. Located right in the heart of the Prague gay quarter.


    • Davidug1
      Davidug1 9 hours ago

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    • walterb
      walterb Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Cool Cave
      This place is a cave like bar in the basement of a nondescript apartment building on an unremarkable street. You buzz a buzzer to enter a courtyard and find the door with the rainbow flag. Down you go a curved staircase with a brick vaulted ceiling which adds mystery. Sadly it was only sparsely peopled. A gaggle of old codgers at the bar and a large table of twinks. There was a smattering of other locals as well. Euro disco blasted and completely unrelated videos played on the large TV screen. The attentive waiter spoke English well and the drinks were well priced. It was a tourist free zone the night I went. Grade: Action D, Atmosphere A

    • ScottyB
      ScottyB Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I Finally Found Bar 21
      I have looked for years and could never find Bar 21 when I was visiting Prague. Glad i finally did. The bar staff is ever so friendly and the drinks reasonably priced. The bar with its cosy entrance made me feel right at home.